Produced by: Patrick Dunnigan, Erin Jennings, Rajesh Nidwannaya

Music: David Leverington
Sound Effects: Partners in Rhyme (

The Geek: Robert Hager
Alien Salesrep: Erin Jennings

“The Earth & Moon” Image from “Visible Earth: A catalog of NASA images

Produced at: Arts and Technology Program School of Arts and Humanity University of Texas at Dallas

Special thanks to: Midori Kitagawa and Jeff Senita

Hardware: VICON IQ System, Apple Macintosh G4, DELL Pentium 4

Software: Maya 7.0, Motion Builder 6.5, Final Cut Pro HD 4.5, Adobe Photoshop CS

Copyrights © 2005
Patrick Dunnigan
Erin Jennings
Rajesh Nidwannaya